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   3About us:

Thank you for taking the time to find us on the web.  We are passionate about our work and have 70+ years combined experience repairing Volkswagons.  We are a full service shop specializing in restoration, repair and basic maintenance of all VW’s, sand rails, dune buggies, drag cars and trikes.

  How it all started:

1As a child my parents owned a 1966 VW bug and I remember them driving us around in “Betsy”, as mom affectionately called it.  We went to Big Bear, The Grand Canyon and the many trips to Grandmas house to name a few places.  At 15 years old I began fixing and restoring VW’s for friends and family in my parents garage.  Before I knew it I was working on cars for people I didn’t know.  Just after High School I began to be recognized at car shows in Southern California and in the VW community.

With my love for VW and meeting new people my friends and I formed the German Toys VW club in 1987, which is still active today.  Through this club I have met many new and interesting people who I am still friends with today.  In February 1989 I was featured in VW Trends magazine for my work.  It was at this time the dream of opening a shop of my own started to grow.

  History of D&J Auto:

It wasn’t until November 2003 that my dream became a reality.  I opened my first shop with my best friend, Jeff Harley, in Fountain Valley called D&J Auto.  This location had a 1500sq. ft. shop floor that filled up faster than we could finish.  I handled the mechanical work and Jeff handled the bodywork and painting.

2After only 2 years business had grown too much for the space we had and we decided to move to Huntington Beach into a 2100sq. ft. shop.  With more space we were able to accommodate our customers more efficiently.  The business continued to grow and after 4 years the Huntington Beach location was also too small so in December 2009 we moved again to a 4500sq. ft. shop in Fountain Valley. 

Had it not been for the support and encouragement of my wife Lisa and kids, Taylor and Nathan, I could not have accomplished all this in such a short time.  And a special thank you to my parents who showed me the joys of German automobiles.

We look forward to taking care of you and your car needs.

D & J Auto
18380 Mount Langley
Fountain Valley, Ca 92708
(714) 965-AUTO (2886)

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